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Artstation Tree Maker: 117 ZBrush Brushes Basemeshes Crack Download

By | July 1, 2024

Tree Maker is the best way to make trees in Zbrush, and save time in your projects, no matter if you are a beginner or an expert. This product contains several useful tools to build trees from scratch: – 117 ZBrush brushes for shaping and texturing trees: rough bark, smooth bark, cracks, knots, and cut… Read More »

Artstation Creating Detailed Props for Games Course Free Download

By | May 31, 2024

Creating highly detailed props is always a difficult task, but at the same time very popular. The presence of high-quality auxiliary models allows you to better/deeper reveal the artistic narrative. In this course, Dylan Abernethy will demonstrate the power of using Zbrush in combination with Maya (or a similar 3D application). Hard surface models will… Read More »

Artstation Hand-drawn Decals vol 1 – 3 Crack Easy Download

By | May 12, 2024

95 Hand-drawn decals for your lineart, sketch, or stylized artwork of weapon, vehicle, interior, spaceship, or prop. Set contains: Warning signs, made-up brands, product names, manufacturing decals, prop/weapon decals, arrows, electronic decals and barcodes. Plate resolution: 6100×6100px Files: PSD (Zipped), 3× PNG (color, white, black), [NEW] Alpha and Color Separated PNGs Release Notes Update v.1.6:… Read More »

Artstation 3ds Max Hair Cards Tool 0.9.98 Crack Easy Download

By | April 8, 2024

HairCards Tool is a 3dsmax tool that will speed up your work for realtime rendering hairs creation. You can create layers of hairs much faster than usual. This tool is working only with 3dsmax 2021.3 (Update 3) and up. Standard variant include only the tool, no textures / material. Commercial use variant will include: material… Read More »

Scans – OLD SHIPYARD & OLD TOWN / 3d kitbash Crack Download

By | March 29, 2024

Pack contains 36 photoscanned 3D assets from OLD SHIPYARD + OLD TOWN pack, and 3 blender scenes (without the characters, check here for more information: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Vyk0GR ) For most of them I’ve prepared low and high poly versions, with single 4K and up to 20x4k textures per model, as some of them are huge in… Read More »

Artstation 40 Metal Damage Brush + Alphas Crack 2024 Download

By | March 26, 2024

40 hand sculpted metal damage brushes and alphas. Perfect to speed up your armors creation! The VDM brushes are for use with Zbrush (2022) or above versions. The Alphas are usable with any software that supports alphas : Substance Painter, Quixel, Mixer, Blender, older version of Zbrush etc. Includes : – 40 Metal Damages VDM… Read More »

Artstation MEGAPACK 550+ Blender Brushes Stylized Edition Download

By | March 26, 2024

A great collection of custom stylized brushes to use in Blender. Alphas are included to use in other softwares. What is included? -More than 550 brushes ready to use inside Blender. -Images alphas (4K resolution,TIFF). -Each brush comes with its own thumbnail icon. -Installation guide for Blender. Categories: -Bolts & Screws. -Buttons. -Cracks. -Creature Maker.… Read More »