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Universal Human MALE Base Mesh v2.1 Crack 2024 Download

By | May 30, 2024

Note: Please read the product description carefully, and check the License Agreement before purchasing. NEW for Version 2.0: Reshaped head, remodelled eyeballs, UV improvements and more. UV unwrapped generic male base mesh in .blend format, ready for sculpting, texturing and rigging, Can be used independently, or applied as a shape key to the Body Rig… Read More »

Blender 3.0+ Wiggle v2.2.3 Addon FREE 2024 Update Download

By | March 16, 2024

Wiggle 2 Wiggle 2 is a ground up rewrite of the wiggle bones add-on for Blender. Features New physics logic. Wiggling now behaves more realistically, especially when simulating simple ropes or chains. Pinning. Using a damped track constraint on a wiggling bone pins it to its target, with other bones responding accordingly. “Pinning” Collision support.… Read More »

Blender 3.5 – Mesh Align Plus v1.0 Addon FREE 2024 Download

By | March 16, 2024

Mesh Align Plus [Blender Addon] Mesh Align Plus helps you move things around, precisely: arrange objects in your scene, align mesh parts to each other while you’re modeling, and create complex custom transformations using measurements from your models. You pick surface features that you want to align, and the addon moves your geometry according to… Read More »

ArtStation – 820 Weapon Basemeshes CG SPHERE Crack 2024 Download

By | March 7, 2024

This pack is the largest base mesh pack you can find. In this pack, we have made all the different styles of weapons for you, and you can give details to these weapons. This bundle includes : 100 Medieval Sword Basemesh 100 Medieval Shield Base Meshes 50 Helmet Base Meshes 100 Bow Base Meshes 100… Read More »

ArtStation – 50 Building Base Mesh Full Crack 2024 Download

By | February 25, 2024

Creating a city environment could be challenging so with this awesome pack you can speed up your modeling process. With this pack you have 50 detailed buildings as base mesh. All models have clean topology and standard quads. Suitable for 3D artists, game designers, animators and architects. We hope you enjoy it. If you rate… Read More »

Blender 2.8+ – Jmesh Tools v4.0.0.1 Addon FREE 2024 Download

By | February 24, 2024

JMesh tools is a Blender addon for hardsurface modeling. It has many features to simplify the modeling process like: Booleans In the JMesh tools panel you can find a Booleans section: Here you can use the operations Difference, Union, Slice and Intersect for a selected object, that will affect the object that is defined as… Read More »

Blender 3+ InstantMeshesRemesh Addon FREE 2024 Download

By | February 24, 2024

A simple addon that uses the commandline version of Instant Meshes to integrate it into Blender. What it does: Exports your object runs InstantMeshes with the specified settings / or opens the UI with your Mesh imports the result and sets UVs and Materials hides the original Object. IMPORTANT: when using the UI you have to save your… Read More »