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By | December 18, 2023

iClone is the fastest real-time 3D animation software helping users easily produce professional animations for films, previz, animation, video, and games. iClone simplifies the world of 3D Animation in a user-friendly environment that blends facial performance, character animation, mocap production, scene design, and cinematic storytelling.


No tool can be faster and easier than iClone for creating quality character animation with smooth motion blend, interactive target reach, footstep system, and mocap data correction.

Powerful facial tools with proven proficiency on muscle level facial editing, facial puppeteering, multi-pass facial mocap, and accurate lip-sync animation.

Dreaming of animating characters like playing games? Motion Director lets you smoothly pilot your 3D characters with XBox or PS game controllers, mouse click waypoints to direct movements, or just let AI control autonomous behaviors. 

v8.4 (8.4.2406.1) released on Dec. 6th, 2023
The newly-introduced Crowd Simulation solution is built in to quickly enliven any 3D environment with realistic 3D people, drag-and-drop spawn crowds at a target space with specific formation, and animation on demand. Another major update of Motion Director fulfills the ability of custom design to create your own interactive controls.

– Crowds of digital people can now be created (Menu > Create > Scatter > Generate Crowd). Crowds can be created in a designated area or on top of objects converted to navigation mesh (Path > NavMesh). Know More
– New Scatter toolbar can be used to launch the Crowd Generate window or apply different crowd-gen templates, including random, formation, ring, walkway, etc.
– New prop distribution function (Menu > Create > Scatter > Distribute Prop) can be applied to designated props (Path > NavMesh). Know More
– Distribute Prop function can now be accessed in the Scatter toolbar.
– New NavMesh function (Menu > Create > Generate > NavMesh). By defining NavMesh parameters and object properties in the scene, you can create an area where Motion Director characters can automatically navigate, as well as an area where characters and props can be deployed using Scatter.
– New NavMesh-related attributes have been added to props. They include static, dynamic, unwalkable, and ignorable states which will have a direct impact on the NavMesh area. Know More
– New NavMesh toolbar can open the NavMesh generation panel.
– New NavMesh update feature in the NavMesh toolbar can be used to refresh NavMeshes and adjust the positions of scene objects.
Actor Group
– New content category called “Actor Group” can be used define groups of characters. A control panel can then be used to change the group’s randomness, material, and motion settings. Know More
– New Actor Group editing tools for customizing groups according to different scenarios. Know More
– Actor Groups are supported for bought ActorCore characters. ActorCore characters with gender and age tags will automatically be added to the selection pool for random application.
– New DDS (DirectDraw Surface) for source image compression. This compression can alleviate some load on the vram to prevent operational issues stemming from high-resolution resources.
– DDS compressed data can now be cached. Once cached, no time will be spent on decompressing the image.
Lite Actor
– Characters now have the ability to switch to Lite mode under Modify > Attribute. This mode will lock certain animation functions to optimized playback performance. Know More
– New Actor Group editing tools for customizing groups according to different scenarios. Know More
– Characters in lite mode can be switched back to Edit mode with the original editing restored.
Tag System
– Using crowd generation, walkway, and actor groups will automatically pair together characters, motions, and iMDs based on content tags. This system guarantees that randomization works in a logical manner. Know More
– Custom tags can be assigned while using crowd generation, walkways, and actor groups to correspond to various scenarios.
– Preference > Default Tag settings can be applied to crowd generation, walkways, and actor groups.
Path / Walkway
– New path editing can be used for Motion Director’s Walkway system to set path width and connections. Know More
– iMD files and MD Action settings can be adjusted for walkways. iMD parameter settings will be automatically applied to characters assigned to paths.
Motion Director (MD)
– New run-time solution for feet slipping that currently only works for default Motion Director packs (iMDs).
– Characters driven by Motion Director will now have mutual avoidance capabilities. Avoidance settings can be adjusted under MD Controls > General Settings > Simulate. Know More
– New MD Controls > Character Settings > Simulate > Agent Radius setting can be used to adjust the avoidance detection radius on a per-character basis.
– MD Behavior Mixer can be used to mix upper body motions with iMD-driven leg movement.
– New Add/Delete Behavior commands can be used to add motions to the current iMD options for Idle, Perform, and Mixer behaviors. Know More
– New Perform and Mixer trigger conditions. These adjustable conditions can decide whether a triggered motion is disrupted or continues to play after a brief interruption.
– New auto-add function for MD Behavior. Mode and mixer data for the target iMD can now be added to the current iMD to expand its options.
– New Mixer Weights panel can be opened from the Behavior List or from the Trigger panel in Motion Director mode. Mixer weights offer more intricate control over the motion blending of each individual bone. Know More
– iMD retargeting can now be manually applied (MD Controls > Character Settings > Simulate > iMD Motion Retarget). Know More
– Retargeted motion will now be cached for iMD. This cache will be reused when the same iMD is applied to the same character.
– New middle-click waypoint function in MD Player Controls for switching to flock mode. When multiple controlled characters reach their destinations, they will maintain their original formation.
Content Manager
– Custom tags are now allowed on every item for forthcoming search and management enhancements.
– Support for the upcoming Workgroup content download.
– Multi-word searches are now allowed, separated by spaces, commas, or underscores.
– New Search History function will store prior search terms.
Path / Walkway
– New Control on Path and Auto on Path modes in the MD Controls panel for the walkway settings. These modes have an effect on the follow forward and reverse parameters.
Motion Director (MD)
– Snap to Surface can be used to plant the feet onto the ground and will take into account the strength settings for different characters. Make sure retarget motion prior applying plant feet. Know More
– Integrated iMD-related settings into MD Behavior. The MD Behavior panel has been restructured to accommodate the extra customization system.
– New ‘Mixer’ category for hotkey settings. The ‘Mixer’ trigger section is separated into ‘Mode’, ‘Perform/Mixer’, and ‘SubMixer’.
– Perform and Mixer under the Trigger page are now separated by speed.
– Optimized the iMD deployment process for the Motion Director mechanism. iMD motion will be forcibly retargeted for CC3+ and ActorCore characters to allow for faster previews.
– New macro toggle can be accessed in the MD Controls upper-right menu.
– Macro settings can now be saved for groups of characters, not limited to single characters.
Content Manager
– Files can now be dragged from the FIle Explorer directly into Content Manager subfolders.
– The ‘Item’ tab now displays purchased items. Before only the downloaded content were shown.
– Installed’ and ‘Not Installed’ filters have been incorporated into the search function, displaying them directly on the user interface.
– The original global tag under the tree node has been renamed to “My Collections”.
– Enhanced Content Manager stability and sped up performance.
When exporting the character and choosing ‘Custom’, importing an iTalk file, and enabling Export Mesh and Motion Individually, the resulting exported motion FBX file may not contain a mesh and iTalk data. Feedback Tracker
Unable to launch Morph Creator. Feedback Tracker
Applying ActorSCAN characters to certain terrains will cause the arms to twist. Feedback Tracker 

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