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UnrealEngine4 POLYGON – Military Pack Crack Download

OVER 1500 Detailed Models are included with this pack. ◼ Key Features ◼ – Fully Modular Weapon System – Super Customizable Characters – Desert Themed Buildings and Environments – Buildings have enter-able Interiors! – Full Military Arsenal! – Includes a MASSIVE demo…Read More »

Poligone ZBrush Non-Destructive SubDivision Crack Download

ZBrush’s default subdivision will smooth the mesh (which causes loss of detail), and shrink the mesh (especially at the edges), so your low-resolution and high-resolution mesh will not match. This macro allows you to subdivide the ZBrush mesh in another way, reducing…Read More »

Poliigon Leather Generator Crack Download

The freedom to create the perfect leather for your furniture or clothing. No nodes or complexity, just artist-friendly sliders and dropdowns like; the leather species, coloring, patina, wrinkles, cracking and more. Learn more in the preview video or go here for more…Read More »

8 Poliigon Material Generators Crack Download

Poliigon’s Substance material generators. They come in *.sbsar format. This torrent includes: Upholstery generator ( Plank Flooring Generator ( Wood Flooring Generator ( Engineered Wood Generator ( Brick Generator ( Bricks Modern Generator ( Bricks Old Industrial ( Bricks Hollow Clay Generator…Read More »