By | January 7, 2021

Designed for detailing cylindrical cloth shapes like sleeves & pant legs.

– 10 VDM Brush Sets for ZBrush
– 4 Different Compression Patterns Each
– 40 Unique Brushes

Use a high brush intensity for large folds that affect the silhouette.
Use a low brush intensity to create the appearance of memory wrinkles.
Utilize with ZBrush’s Morph and Smooth tools to create awesome cloth effects!

(Note: Requires ZBrush 2018 or Later)


Version 2.1 5/23/2020
Added Alpha versions of each brush preset for use outside of ZBrush.

Version 2.0 4/26/2020
Recreated entire brush library for improved material accuracy, surface quality, uniformity, and visual distinction between fold categories.

Version 1.1 04/19/2020
Rebuilt Library to support older ZBrush Versions (Now Supports ZBrush 2018 +)

Downloads: pls buy & support the dev!

Filename: CompressionFolds2.1 crack

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