By | January 7, 2021

The professional scattering tool we all want in Blender, including the right features that turn the creative process into prowess. In order to streamline your workflow, we created the Presets ; you can count on them to achieve more in one click, then easily adjust the result inside our efficient tweaking area.

The elemental power of Scatter takes the form of well-balanced, premade ecosystems that embrace specific atmospheres. We proudly call them “Biomes”. It is like magic: select the Biome that fits with the mood of your project and build outstanding scenes in a matter of seconds.

Distributing your particles with flexibility and precision is key focus, therefore we decided to craft a non-destructive and powerful vertex-group Masking Workflow. Add as many Masks as you want, navigate through them like modifiers, tweak them without losing any data, all the power of Scatter reside in this innovating functionality.

Scatter wants you to deliver at your best: Lodify (the LOD system we provide for free here) allows you to save critical resources by managing polycounts easily. Scatter is equipped with various security features that will prevent your computer from crashing, in addition, Scatter disposes of masks that distribute particles only in visible areas.

Downloads: pls buy & support the dev!

Filename: Scatter 4 Pro crack 

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